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Where to Preorder Christmas Meals in Seattle at the Last Minute

Save the holiday with a smoked rib roast or a 36-hour marinated chicken

A roast chicken at the center of a table.
A chicken from Spice Waala
Spice Waala
Harry Cheadle is the editor of Eater Seattle.

Try as hard as we might to be good, productive citizens, inevitably there will come a time when we welch on our responsibilities. Say you are the editor of a local food website and realize that it is already December 19 and you haven’t written an article about where people in Seattle can pre-order take-home Christmas meals. Or maybe you’re someone who doesn’t want to cook on Christmas but also doesn’t want to go out and you frantically click on the first article you can find that mentions terms like “pre-cooked Christmas meals Seattle last-minute.”

Well, look at that — I just solved both our problems at once. Here’s where to pre-order Christmas meals in Seattle. (If you want cookies, check this article out instead.)

Lady Jaye

In a surprising twist, the West Seattle barbecue joint and butcher shop has not yet sold out of its Christmas offerings, which are serious. The smoked rib roast meal is $380 and feeds six people or a very hungry four people, while smaller meal options, like turkey drum confit or smoked pork loin, are around $140. You can also preorder a raw rib roast or a smoked ham. To preorder any (or all) of that stuff go here. Pickup for the hot meals will be on Sunday, December 24, from 1 to 3 p.m., while pickup for the cook-it-yourself meals will run from December 21 to 24.

A flyer that reads “Christmas Eve hot meals” featuring images of a cow, a pig, a rib roast, and a turkey leg.
A promo for Lady Jaye’s holiday menu.
Lady Jaye

Spice Walaa

You want an easy festive entree? Okay, here you go: At Spice Walaa’s locations in Ballard and Capitol Hill you can get a 36-hour marinated chicken that you can take home and roast to feed about three people. Or get two chickens to feed six, three to feed nine, whatever — they’re a comparative bargain at just $26 apiece. Order here by December 19 for pickup on December 23.

A roast chicken at the center of a table. Spice Waala

Frelard Tamales

As usual, the window-service spot in Green Lake (names can be deceiving) is doing pre-orders for its out-of-this-world frozen tamales. You have to order at least six for pickup and at least 12 for delivery, which you can do here, or if you want Frelard Tamales’s massive $200 gift set, with a ton of goodies from local makers, you can go here.

Mamnoon and Hanoon

The Lebanese, Syrian, and Persian restaurant group is always ready to step up for any holiday, and this Christmas it’s offering a $180 meal kit that feeds four to six. The star dish is a spice-rubbed leg of lamb, but you also get a load of sides including stuffed eggplant, baharat roasted Brussels sprouts, and za’atar roasted sweet potatoes. You can also order the items individually, which is great if you’re planning a meat-free meal. Order the kit from Mamnoon on Capitol Hill here; if you’re on the Eastside, you can order the same food from Kirkland’s Hanoon here.

A roasted turkey breast in a pan.
Braised slow-roasted turkey breast from Cocina Casera
Cocina Casera

Cocina Casera

The South American takeout spot operating out of a Capitol Hill ghost kitchen has a whole holiday menu available for pickup (though not on Christmas Day). This includes slow-braised shredded turkey, chicken, or beef; roasted vegetables with chimichurri sauce, and empanadas — you should get some empanadas. Entrees are only around $13, making this among the most budget-friendly takeout meals you’ll have this holiday. Order here.


1508 Melrose Avenue, , WA 98122 (206) 906-9606 Visit Website

Frelard Tamales

6412 Latona Avenue Northeast, , WA 98115 (206) 523-6654 Visit Website

Spice Waala

340 15th Avenue East, , WA 98112 (206) 466-5195 Visit Website

Lady Jaye

4523 California Avenue Southwest, , WA 98116 (206) 457-4029 Visit Website

Cocina Casera

1525 13th Avenue, , WA 98122 (206) 915-8255 Visit Website