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Celebrated Capitol Hill Pizzeria Blotto Is Closing

If you want a slice, December 30 will be your last chance

A full pizza pie at Blotto covered in tomato sauce against a bright green flowered placemat
The pizza at Blotto
Kyle Johnson

Blotto, the small Capitol Hill pizzeria and corner market that has made big waves since opening two and a half years ago, will permanently close on Saturday, December 30. During its final week of service, it will be serving slices only, plus a limited sides menu, to give as many people as possible a chance to snag a bite of one of Seattle’s finest pizzas.

Co-owners Jordan Koplowitz and Cal Hoffmann tell Eater Seattle that the decision was catalyzed by their landlord’s intention to sell the building, but it had been in the works for some time.

“We’ve always known there would be a decision point of some sort,” says Hoffmann. “When we found out the building was being sold… it just made sense that this would be the time that we end the project.” He says that while they’ve loved their time working on Blotto, they’re excited to move on to new projects, and want to do so on their own terms, rather than at the whim of a landlord.

Since July 2020, when it started to amass a following as a pop-up, Blotto has made worth-the-hype pies that deliberately eschew allegiance to any particular regional style. Perfectly crisp and loaded with sumptuous but thoughtful topping combos, Blotto’s is the sort of pizza people are willing to wait in a very long line for. Koplowitz and Hoffmann launched the brick-and-mortar in June 2021, directly into the jaws of a historic heat wave. Koplowitz recalls their second week of business as one of the most memorable and “wild” in the restaurant’s history, as they struggled to get their operation up and running while dough over-fermented in outside temperatures that reached 108 degrees. They had to cancel dinner service due to the heat that week, but were able to put the over-proofed dough to use in a lunch sandwich pivot.

Blotto has received its fair share of buzz, including a recent mention in a New York Times top restaurants in Seattle list. But Koplowitz and Hoffman say it’s the dedicated regulars who show up every week and the feeling of being “embraced by the neighborhood” that’s really meaningful to them.

This devotion to their regulars is, in part, why Koplowitz and Hoffman waited to announce their decision to close; they wanted to preserve normalcy for as long as possible, and didn’t want any of their most loyal customers to struggle to score a pie in the rush to get a last piece of Blotto.

Koplowitz and Hoffman don’t yet know what’s next, beyond some time off at the beginning of 2024. They say that their “core team will definitely resurface in pop-up form,” but as of right now, there are no concrete plans. The two of them have both worked on the line during every single service since their brick-and-mortar opened, and are ready for a respite.

“I can’t wait to just cook dinner,” says Hoffmann. “It sounds so simple, but I’m excited to wake up on a Friday morning and know that I’m going to spend my night making food for myself.”


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