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Seattle Restaurant Debuts We’re Looking Forward to in 2024

Sophon, Daeho Kalbijjim, and more

The Kalbijjim from Daeho. 
The Kalbijjim from Daeho, set to come to Bellevue in 2024. 
Becky Duffett/ESF

As 2023 is flushed down the toilet of time and 2024 comes to take its place, Eater Seattle is once again surveying a panel of food writers and industry insiders about the year that was and the future of Seattle dining.

Today we’re asking them to name 2024 restaurant debuts they’re excited about. Their answers are below. For previous entries in this series, go here.

Aimee Rizzo, senior editor at the Infatuation Seattle

I thought we were lucky to experience one La Dive, but now there’s going to be two — bring on more spicy potato dumplings, rye toast, and slushified wine, this time in Queen Anne.

Syd Suntha, owner of Kottu and host of the Seattle Restaurant Podcast

I’m super pumped for Copper Rose Bakery opening up in Edmonds. Casey Cooper is the Walter White of baking. He’s a legit nerd and thats what makes his baked goods taste so good. I have a feeling this place will have lines for days when it opens up.

Gabe Guarente. editor at SEAToday

Definitely want to see what all the hype is about when Daeho Kalbijjim lands in Bellevue.

Harry Cheadle, Editor at Eater Seattle

I’m really excited to see what the folks behind Garzon do at their new place, Bad Chancla, opening on Capitol Hill in the spring of 2024 according to their Instagram. It’s described as “a love letter to millennial immigrants and first gen Latinx Americans” with a menu that includes “bodega style sandwiches,” something that Seattle could use a lot more of.

Naomi Tomky, writer and author of The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook

Sophon! I was thrilled when beloved neighborhood bar Oliver’s Twist started serving the food of owner Karuna Long’s Khmer heritage and now even more stoked that the food will have a space devoted to it.

Meg van Huygen, food writer at The Stranger, Eater Seattle, and elsewhere

Sophon!!!!! I’ve been yelling the word Sophon through a bullhorn at everyone I meet for months. Sophon will be a full-service business-casual Cambodian bar-resto opening in the old Hecho/Martino’s space in Phinney, owned by Chef Karuna Long of Oliver’s Twist, and I am fucking quaking with excitement. They’ll be serving updated Khmer dishes, like grilled giant river prawns and kroeung smashburgers and roasted corn with coconut milk, scallions, and kampot peppers! And Cambodian cocktails, and hot pot and brunch! I’m like a dog dreaming about eating as I type this, making chomping motions. Sophon! January 2024!