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Where to Score Incredible Holiday Cookies in Seattle

Fend off the big dark with sweet treats

Two trays of colorful cookies.
Cookies (or kukis) from Hood Famous Bakeshop.
Jeriel Calamayan
Harry Cheadle is the editor of Eater Seattle.

Can you smell it? Yes, that’s right — it’s cookie season! All over the place people are baking cookies for something to do after the noontime sunsets, bringing cookies over to one another, and eating “just one more” cookie from the tin until they’ve all mysteriously vanished. Oh well, that means it’s time to get more cookies.

But where do cookies come from? You can make them yourself, and if you want to do that, close this article and get baking. Now that those people are gone, let’s get serious. Where are you going to get holiday cookies in Seattle? At these places:

Saint Bread

The Jensen Marina bakery destination rarely misses a chance to do a special event, and this December the team is putting together holiday cookie boxes. For $48 you get seven different kinds of cookies, including black sesame thumbprints with raspberry jam and matcha and yuzu Rice Krispie treats. They’re available for pre-order only and can be found here.

Temple Pastries

“One of my favorite parts of Christmas is all the different cookies,” Christina Wood recently wrote on Instagram. “I’d spend HOURS poring over recipes and deciding on the perfect combination of cookies that would satisfy all holiday cravings.” Now that Wood owns Temple Pastries she can really let her cookie-magination (like imagination but for cookies) run wild. Temple’s $40 cookie tins have 12 varieties in them, including cookies we had to google like pfefferneuse, which apparently are German spiced cookies. You can buy them at the Central District shop or preorder here.

A Swiss roll on a white plate.
The Swiss roll at Bake Shop
Bake Shop

Bake Shop

The Queen Anne bakery is doing a cookie box, but also so much more, including chocolate babka, a cranberry spice Swiss roll, take and bake cinnamon rolls (Bake Shops has great cinnamon rolls), and even bottles of wine. Preorders can be picked up on December 23 and December 24. For more, visit Bake Shop’s site. Also, there’s a holiday market there on Saturday, December 16 from 5 to 8 p.m.

Hood Famous

What does Seattle’s most famous Filipino cafe do for the holidays? Oh, nothing much, just delicacies like calamansi poppyseed spritz cookies and latik gingerbread whoopie pies. The Chinatown-International District shop is offering two different “kuki” boxes, each of which has four each of three different types of cookies. Each box is $48 but if you order both you get $10 off. (Sorry if this reads like a word problem.) To preorder for pickup on December 23, go here.

Several roughly decorated animal cookies.
A cookie decorating kit from Ben’s Bread.
Ben’s Bread

Ben’s Bread

For a slightly different cookie experience, i.e. you don’t just buy them and eat them, head over to Ben’s Bread on Phinney Ridge on Fridays and Saturdays to buy kid-friendly holiday cookie decorating kits. Each kit includes four animal cookies, three packets of sprinkles, white frosting, and a box.

Ballard Pizza Company

So this is obviously not a bakery, but on Sunday, December 17, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. the Ethan Stowell–owned restaurant’s locations in Frelard and Woodinville are hosting holiday cookie decorating events for kids. Each child’s ticket is $10 and adults are free (they “must provide supervision”). There will be cookies (of course), but also hot chocolate, apple cider, and minosas for purchase for the adults. More info and tickets can be found here.