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A Famously Rude Australian Dining Experience Is Coming to Bellevue

Plus, small cocktails are a thing now, and more news from the week

A group of bored-looking women in waitress uniforms sit at a table. Karen’s Diner
Harry Cheadle is the editor of Eater Seattle.

A while ago, some Australians had an idea: What if there was an American-style diner where the staff was intentionally and aggressively rude to customers? Wouldn’t that be sort of funny? Apparently, enough people decided that yeah, it was sort of funny, and Karen’s Diner is now a chain with nearly 20 locations worldwide, most of them in Australia or the U.K.

Now according to a press release we got a few days ago Karen’s Diner is going on tour. Is that right? Do diners go on tour? Apparently this one does, and it’s coming to Bellevue, or as the press release calls it, “Seattle.” Specifically, it will be at Khushi, the Indian restaurant on 106th Avenue NE, from June 2 to June 4. Tickets are $47 (they can be purchased here) and include a burger, fries, and a soda. But the real draw is the deliberately snotty service, which typically includes cursing, insults, and “banter,” which is Australian for insults.

The old London Plane will become a cafe/streetwear shop

Lifestyle and food entrepreneur Marcus Lalario (of Ciudad, Lil Woody’s, and Fat’s Chicken and Waffles) announced last week he’ll be working with former Nike designer Ben Kirschner to launch a new project in the Pioneer Square space previously occupied by the dearly departed London Plane. The new endeavor, which will hopefully open this summer, doesn’t have a name, but will sell sneakers alongside quick-service Italian food “powered by” Lalario’s restaurant Mezzanotte. Lalario told Seattle Met that he hopes this store will “re-energize” Pioneer Square.

You can drink wine with ‘Twin Peaks’ star Kyle MacLachlan

Kyle MacLachlan isn’t a household name; he’s more of a household face, instantly recognizable, at least to a certain generation of TV fans, as FBI agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks. The Washington State native has had a winery called Pursued by Bear (a Shakespeare reference) since 2005, and next month is holding a grand opening of his new tasting room. The event runs from April 14 to 16, and tickets are $25. MacLachlan will be on hand to say hello to guests and sign bottles. To buy tickets, go here.

Mini cocktails have arrived

One problem with cocktails is that they’re often too big. Hence the recent nationwide trend of mini cocktails, small portions that give you a taste of a Manhattan or a negroni without the might-end-up-on-the-floor consequences of drinking more than one cocktail. Now Conversation, the restaurant and bar located in the downtown hotel Thompson Seattle, is serving mini cocktails in case you want a sample before you order a big one, or just don’t want all that much liquor.