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Saint Bread Is Expanding to Include Dinner and a Bar

One of Seattle’s best bakeries is launching a new phase this summer

Harry Cheadle is the editor of Eater Seattle.

You know Saint Bread, right? Since it opened in 2021 we’ve done nothing but rave about the U District bakery’s Japanese- and Norwegian-influenced pastries, its breakfast sandwiches, even its cheeseburgers. Well, as spring heads into summer Saint Bread plans to do even more at its space on Jensen Marina.

Some of the specifics are up in the air, says Saint Bread co-owner Yasuaki Saito, but the plan is to launch a couple of different projects in the outdoor food truck area next to the bakery that Saito says used to be the Jensen family’s garden. Hinoki (Japanese for “cypress”) will serve wood-fired food, likely with a lot of influence from Japanese cuisine. This will be helmed by chefs Zach Lucido (formerly of London Plane, which Saito co-owned) and Saint Bread’s Jesus De Lara. There will also be a bar called Heave Ho.

Hinoki and Heave Ho will keep later hours than Saint Bread (the bakery closes at 6 p.m.), and will probably formally open in May, after the staff takes a spring break. “We’re finishing the logistic pieces and getting to the point where we are able to pull it off,” says Saito.

But once things are up and running Saint Bread will hopefully be even more of a gathering space and community pillar. Saito wants to use the space for some outdoor cooking and is planning a “feast week” to commemorate the bakery’s second birthday, details TBD. “We’re trying to create a center of gravity down there,” he says.

Saint Bread

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