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The Bumbershoot Food Lineup Looks Pretty, Pretty Good

Musang and Local Tide top a list of vendors that includes some of Seattle’s best-loved restaurants and pop-ups

A poster featuring the names of the Bumbershoot culinary lineup. Bumbershoot
Harry Cheadle is the editor of Eater Seattle.

After a noticeable three-year absence, Bumbershoot is coming back this year to Seattle.

The new incarnation of the venerable music and arts festival is being run by the organization New Sun Rising, and underwritten to a significant degree by Amazon, which has allowed organizers to distribute tickets to charities and lower prices. Gone are the days of A-list music acts; the headliners include Sleater-Kinney, Zhu, and a grab bag of punk nostalgia acts like Jawbreaker and Descendants. There’s also supposedly going to be more of a focus on the arts part of “music and arts,” with listed attractions ranging from witches to robots (seriously).

Oh and the food is going to be good too!

The “culinary lineup” has been curated by Ethan Stowell and showcases the diversity of the Seattle food scene. Highlights include Filipino mainstay Musang, Levantine street food from Mamnoon, and West African cuisine from buzzy pop-up Gold Coast Ghal. Another highlight: Local Tide, which has become one of the best seafood spots in town according to the Seattle Times and serves an amazing smash burger according to us.

You can’t throw a festival in Seattle without vegan options, and playing that role are Delish Ethiopian Cuisine, Mexican standby Pablo y Pablo, and the sausage-slingers at Dirty Dog, the latter two of which have gluten-free stuff as well.

The only bummer is that if you’re reading this and don’t have tickets yet you missed out on the super early bird $50 one-day passes and $85 two-day passes. You can still get one- and two-day passes for $65 and $110 though, plus service charges. Always with the service charges.

For a full list of food vendors that will be at Bumbershoot, and to purchase tickets, go here. Bumbershoot will be hosted at Seattle Center on Saturday, September 2, and Sunday, September 3.