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Ask Eater: Why Are You Ignoring Lake City?

We’re not trying to, I promise!

A banner reading “Welcome to Lake City.”
We actually love Lake City!
Harry Cheadle
Harry Cheadle is the editor of Eater Seattle.

Welcome back to Ask Eater, a column where the site’s editor answers specific, real-life dining and food questions from readers. Names and identifying information have been removed for privacy purposes. Have a question for us? Send it to

A peeved pen pal writes:

I live in the Lake City/North City area. Why are we never profiled in your list of places to eat? (Except for Zylberschtein’s) Every time you have a list of places with the map, the North East is never a dot on the map.

I love this question because clearly, you’ve been paying a lot of attention to the site and reading a lot of our maps. Hopefully this answer does you (and your neighborhood) justice. It might help if I start by explaining what goes into making a map at Eater.

In an ideal world, Eater Seattle would have maps for every single neighborhood in the metro area, including Lake City, and we’d update them frequently. But because we don’t have unlimited resources, we prioritize “dining destinations” areas where there are a lot of restaurants, like Capitol Hill or Ballard. We try to make up for that by including as much geographic diversity in our city-wide maps. So for instance, the pizza map features ‘za from Burien, White Center, West Seattle, and Rainier Beach. The last time we updated the Thai food map, I made sure to add Bangkok99, a fantastic takeout spot in a Lake City Shell gas station parking lot.

Where it gets tricky is we’re also trying to feature an array of price points and styles, and also making sure we’re highlighting a diverse group of owners and chefs with each map. Sometimes we don’t get the balance right in one way or another, but the good news is that most of our maps are updated at least once a year so there’s always an opportunity to improve with the next iteration.

That said, certain parts of the Seattle metro area definitely get less love from us than they should. In 2024 my goal is to do a better job of covering the South End and the Eastside in particular, but north of Northgate is another region that could use more attention.

Including restaurants from these neighborhoods on maps is one way to do this, but we’ll also try to focus on them in non-map coverage, like this food crawl we recently did in Lake City.

For that, we could use your help, readers! Please please please send us tips for where to go at — we want to especially eat at places outside the neighborhoods everyone already knows. If you feel like your part of town is being unjustly ignored by Eater Seattle I promise that it’s not on purpose. It’s just that the metro area is pretty big and like I said at the top, we have limited resources.

If anyone is looking to find more good places to eat in Lake City, I mentioned Bangkok99 already, but there’s also the Argentinian bakery Seatango, Hellbent Brewing, a delightful diner called the Breakfast Club, and Toyoda Sushi. And yes, Zylberschtein’s too.