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Natural Wine Bar La Dive Is Expanding to Queen Anne, and Adding a Speakeasy

La Dive Queen Anne will have more food options than its predecessor, and a vibe-y club-y space called Rich Rich

The interior of a bar with an art deco–style mural that shows rabbits running through a dessert among other things.
The mural inside La Dive Queen Anne.
Reva Keller
Harry Cheadle is the editor of Eater Seattle.

Nightlife entrepreneur Kate Opatz scored a major hit with La Dive. The natural wine bar, opened in 2019, has succeeded thanks to its chillass vibes: It’s known for its Chambongs — Champagne bongs — as well as its Long Day Home Pour, which is a glass of wine that’s closer to a bottle in spirit. Plus, you can get a bowl of breakfast cereal there after midnight. But a problem with La Dive was that there was only one of it.

On February 13, that’ll change. That’s when the second La Dive location will open at 532 Queen Anne Avenue (the former home of Mediterranean spot Dandylion), a bottle’s throw away from Climate Pledge Arena and Seattle Center. A lot about the new bar will be familiar to La Divas. Chambongs will still be on the menu, one wall is decked out with a mural from artist Jen Ament (whose work adorns the Cap Hill LD), and just like at the original La Dive, the bathrooms have floor-to-ceiling mirrors that cry out for selfies.

But unlike the original, this new La Dive will have more kitchen space and a more ambitious food menu; co-owner David Gurewitz, who has worked at Lark, Mamnoon, and other notable restaurants, will be able to flex his culinary muscles a bit more. The food menu is still a bit up in the air prior to the opening, but it will feature local ingredients and change with the seasons. There will probably be pasta, there will definitely be small plates, but there will also be big entrees. Unlike the first La Dive, you’ll be able to get a filling sit-down dinner here.

“We really are more of a restaurant,” Opatz tells Eater Seattle. “Still a bar, certainly, but with a little more complex food.”

The other thing that’s happening here is that the team is opening a speakeasy connected to La Dive called Rich Rich, with an entry in the alley behind the wine bar. This space has a darker, more club-like vibe, “perfect for pre-show drinks and post-show second winds,” as a press release puts it. The idea is to cater to the crowds who come to the nearby Climate Pledge Arena and anyone who wants to feel not just rich, but rich rich.

Four cocktails arrayed on a bar.
Drinks at Rich Rich.
Reva Keller

Rich Rich will be open from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Tuesdays through Sundays. Initially, the plan is to for La Dive to be open from 3 p.m. until midnight during the week and until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. If there’s an appetite for it, they’ll serve food late (and not just cereal). “We’ll just have to see what the neighborhood wants,” Opatz says.

For updates, visit La Dive’s website and follow Rich Rich on Instagram.