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Eater Interviews

The Story of Beloved Phnom Penh Noodle House’s Emotional Comeback

How a Chef Overcame Doubt to Make a Beloved Mexican Restaurant on First Hill

Brimmer & Heeltap's Mike Whisenhunt Wants to 'Evolve and Grow'

Jack's BBQ Pitmaster Thinks 'Barbecue is Better Here in Seattle Than in Texas'

Breaking Down the Whole Cow With Seven Beef's Scott Emerick and Eric Banh

Reduce Waste With Eden Hill Chef Maximillian Petty by Scraping the Pig's Head

Talking Meat with Tyler Palagi of Radiator Whiskey

Jamie Buckman and Bridget Maloney on Whiskey & the Women Who Love It

Plantains and Accolades: Manolin, 9 Months In

Edouardo Jordan On Growing Up Cooking And The Story Behind Salare

Jason Wilson Talks Butcher Block Sundays at Miller's Guild, The Best Way to Cook a Steak, & More

Chef John Howie Talks Meat Grilling Secrets and His Upcoming Beardslee Public House

What Does Caprial Pence Have Cooking at the Bookstore?

Chef Wayne Johnson Brings the Beat Back to Renton

Chef Nick Coffey Rocks the Tiny Kitchen at Cafe Barjot on Capitol Hill

Stuart Lane Takes the Reins at Spinasse and Artusi

Cafe Juanita’s Jim Marriott on 22 Years at the Restaurant—and Serving the Pope

Come for Seth Richardson's Food, Maybe Stay for the Action at Un-Sports Bar Quality Athletics

Five Years in at Mistral Kitchen

How Chef Michael Robertshaw Helps Make Roux One of Seattle's Essential Restaurants

Chef Nick Novello on Skillet's Comfort Food — and Gussied Up New Menu

San Juan Island Distillery Makes Island Pride Taste Pretty Freaking Delicious

Catching Up With the (Slightly Less) Bitter Barista

Gary Reynolds on Revolver's Classic Cocktails, Rotating Pints, and Po' Boys

LloydMartin Chef Sam Crannell's Main Meat Haunts

Seattle City Councilwoman Jean Godden's Former Life as a Restaurant Reviewer

North City Lounge’s Brenda Black Quit Drinking and Bought a Cadillac

Northwest Brewers Cup Champ Akaash Saini Picks PNW Coffee Bars That Blow his Mind

Marc Papineau Is Seattle's Wine Trendsetter

Renee Erickson on Her First Cookbook: A Boat, A Whale, and A Walrus

Rachel Yang Talks Trove, her New Capitol Hill Blockbuster

Linda Derschang Talks About the Bar Business on Linda's 20th Anniversary